Client loyalty marketing

Your clients are the lifeblood of your business. Truly delighted clients seek more ways to do business with your firm. They resist your competitors’ advances. And their referrals and recommendations are powerful drivers for business growth.

Are you investing the appropriate time and care in these relationships?

Align Marketing’s Client Loyalty Marketing capabilities can help you protect, enhance and leverage these vital relationships.

Our Client Loyalty Marketing services fall into three areas

  1. Client Satisfaction and Loyalty Measurement
  2. Service Cycle Planning
  3. One-to-One Marketing Programs

Client Satisfaction and Loyalty Measurement
No news is not good news.  Clients don’t tell you everything they are thinking.  You need direct, honest feedback from your clients to know how your company is performing. And you’re not going to receive it unless you ask.

Working with industry-leading experts, Align Marketing designs, implements and administers objective, independent survey programs that draw out your clients’ true feelings. They help you understand:

  • Each client’s actual level of satisfaction with your service
  • The aspects of your service delivery that clients value the most, so you understand what has the greatest impact on clients’ loyalty
  • Where you are falling short of your clients’ expectations, so you can make  improvements before it’s too late
  • Each client’s loyalty to your company … including the odds that they’ll take their business elsewhere

24-hour turnaround of survey results identifies star performers and weak links in real-time.  Urgent “warnings” alert you and your leaders to at-risk clients, for rapid remediation. Ongoing survey programs can reach all of your customers annually, or more frequently if that’s appropriate for your business.

Finally, in-depth statistical analysis of collective data – by such factors as office, region, service, industry and client size – will uncover what you might change in your processes. Analysis also points to what kind of training or guidance your people might need to improve how well they serve clients compared to your competitors.


Service Cycle Planning
Extraordinary client service is no accident. It’s achieved through deliberate client service processes. Effective client service cycle planning can significantly improve the quality of your service, build your reputation, increase revenue and enhance client loyalty.

Our client-service methodology features four distinct phases:

  1. Understanding and prioritizing expectations of new clients and current clients as well.
  2. A service plan framework, customized for your business, tailored for each client.
  3. Processes to monitor progress throughout service delivery.
  4. Client Satisfaction and Measurement to ensure that your delivery met or exceeded each client’s expectations.

Our experienced client-service experts help you design, launch and manage a client-service approach that’s tailored to your business. We provide the tools and training to empower your professionals to understand what each client feels is important, and what isn’t.  And to be able to act on that information on every engagement.


One-to-One Marketing Programs
Individually targeted account marketing programs keep your company top-of-mind with key customers, deliver wisdom that enhances their business, increase their satisfaction and loyalty, and introduce clients to the full breadth of your capabilities.

Align Marketing account marketing programs help you:

  • Segment your customers into peer groups, taking into account such factors as industry, size and maturity, product and services needs, and business structure
  • Develop cost-effective communications programs tailored to your customer peer groups
  • Efficiently deliver individually tailored, relevant communications to your clients
  • Engage clients in dialogs that open new growth opportunities for them, and deepen their commitment to your firm